And the Winner Goes to… (Drumroll, Please!)

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I just wanted to thank all of you faaantabulous Ravin’ Mavens & MaNvens for being oh so, so patient with me — and enthusiastic (with all the things you’re sending in)! — during this moving process. We are still unpacking, installing new hardware/bathware, and painting the last 4 rooms. I cross my heart, and hope not to dye my roots, that I *will* begin blogging again by next Monday, at the latest! I just wanted to remind you how absotively awesome sauce you are…… especially to meeeeee! (Now, who wants to come and break down these boxes? ::bateyelashes:: JUST JOSHIN’ YA!)

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Building Make-believe Houses on the Internet is Just Dreamy!

A happy house = happy habitants. Make it as happy as a Cosmo in a Big Gulp cup! ;)

A happy house = happy habitants. Make it as happy as a Cosmo in a Big Gulp cup! 😉

Well, tomorrow’s the BIG day, folks — it’s MOVE IN DAY! Tonight will be the last night we sleep in this condo, and the last morning we wake up in these bedrooms, and the last morning we have tea in this kitchen. It’s bittersweet, but we’re reeeady to be done with this 2-month move in process. We’re ready to wake up every day and get started on fine-tuning, unpacking, decorating, and making the new dreamy headquarters all our own! ::squee eee eee eee eee!!!::
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Spring is All the Buzz!

It's SPRING! Spring forward in style, dollfaces!

It’s SPRING! Spring forward in style, dollfaces!

Everyone’s buzzing around with the bees — who are back out again, pollinating the flowers that are leaving lush, yellow blankets on the hoods of our cars — about how SPRING IS FINALLY HERE for awhile. I spoke earlier today of how the only good thing about the long drawn out winter we had this year, is that it may be the first one I don’t complain about sneezing & head fog because I am just so darn thankful to see the pollen at all! This morning I woke up bright & early, took my tea out to the patio, and rejoiced in the birds singing, the bugs zipping around in zigzag formations, the humidity on my bare skin, and a sun that could’ve had a smily face on it and it wouldn’t have surprised me one bit. All that was missing were some forest animals and 7 little tinkering dwarves. #whistle
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…If I Were a Woman I’d Wear Coffee As a Perfume – John Van Druten

urlOnce again, I am going to discuss something that I collect. Shocking, I know! But as I am packing up our condo into boxes to move into our new headquarters, I am always amazed at — though I’ve become the closest to a minimalist that I will ever be — how MUCH beloved things I have in my collections. One thing I have a googol of is coffee mugs! I looove coffee mugs! The reason why I love coffee mugs is because I love COFFEE. But here’s the cruel, cruel injustice & joke:

I am allergic to caffeine. ::thud::
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Spiffy Switch Plates Turn Me ON!


This is OUR switch plate for our downstairs half bath! The whole space is done in the theme of Día de Muertos. #Mictecacihuat

These are OUR switch plates for our downstairs half bath! The whole space is done in a Día de Muertos theme. Etsy, as always, helped us out with that, thanks to Jamie Merkel of SSKDesigns!  #Mictecacihuat

Darling Hotbuns & I have been working industriously and laboriously — like army ants — on the new headquarters. We’re making significant renovations in each room, in every nook & cranny. One thing I have an aversion to is chintzy, shoddily made, lackluster, plain ole vanilla plastic switch plates. Just something as simple as switching out the light & outlet covers can give a room that much more of a kick of glamor or character! It’s one of the smallest things to do, but one that creates a very big impact!
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