Go Home Old Lady Winter, You’re Drunk!

This is NOT the complaint we're having this Easter season. "Oh I do declare, this sweltering 36 degrees is suffocating, darling!"

This is NOT the complaint we’re having this Easter season. “Oh I do declare, this sweltering 36 degrees is suffocating, darling!”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost my patience waiting for spring! From the droning on and on all over the social media sites about this grotesquely grueling winter that WILL NOT QUIT, I’ve had to come up with very creative ways to go to my happy place. In case any of you were wondering, my happy place is in the sunshine, the warmth, and baring bare shoulders, gosh beaver dam it!

This was my status message to all my comrades on my personal Facebook page yesterday:

This never-ending weather has turned me into Archie Bunker. I am officially a grouchy curmudgeon. I’ve been fighting against it, but now I’m throwing in the towel. This is my disclaimer that my usual devil-may-care, playful self is now being overrun by a crotchety hag. If you’ve got a problem with it, take it up with Mother Nature. We are no longer on speaking terms. She sold me out for Old Lady Winter and she knows I hate that beotch.
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Empowerment Against Falsely Labeled Power

url-11My Mini Maven is now 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. She’s at that age where she’s really beginning to come into herself and learning how to express her inward self, outwardly. It’s a beautiful spectrum of multilayered colors & hues of personality being brushed onto a pure & untarnished canvas. Every day is a new day that sweeps in brushstrokes of new phase, and I am never left unfazed by how extraordinary she is, organically. However, this is when it gets both tricky & scary sometimes as a mum, because now I have to determine & decide which spills & splatters I need to come at with a clean cloth and make sure I get up before they dry — which ones I don’t want her to have to paint over later, and cover up, because we all know that no matter how many times you paint over something, it stays underneath. ¬†Forever.
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Some Sneak Peek Teasin’

Home Depot & Lowes know us on a first name basis already!

Home Depot & Lowes know us on a first name basis already!

I’m grateful to say that my Z Pack of antibiotics is really kickin’ in, but it isn’t to say that I’m not still in recovery mode because I am still waxing & waning. Yesterday was the first day I got up before noon and was raring to go, but it was kind of a tease because I slept in until noon again today. Boo! This didn’t change the fact, however, that I managed to completely redo the master bedroom walls — resurfacing & sanding plus repainting them. I just think I may have pushed a little too hard and overdone it. Not to mention that Darling Hotbuns had to redo the entire wall in the kitchen where that ghastly & gruesome wallpaper was, so I could not help him with sanding (not with a DA, at least — too many clouds) because of my bronchial infection (and now there’s a thick layer of drywall dust ALL over the downstairs — so glad we spent a whole day scouring the kitchen! ::chortle::). And before you school me… Yes I DID wear a dust mask! I already got that lecture from my doc. Oookay, if it’s ordered. #kicksdirt
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She’s Crafty!

A quick & flippin' awesome reuse of your grandmother's broken watches! I really lovelovelove this idea.

A quick & flippin’ awesome reuse of your grandmother’s broken watches! I really lovelovelove this idea.

… Well, maybe not so much this past week. I’ve come down with a bear of a bacterial infection, very crotchety throat, & a case of curmudgeonly bronchitis, so I’ve basically spent the last 4 days in the sack, under the covers, watching flick after flick after flick. Typically I would read, but my head has been so foggy. (Right now I am watching Satisfaction¬†— holy guacamole, I was obsessed with this movie when I was young! I wore that soundtrack cassette OUT 3x over (playing air cowbell)! I, strangely, at the time, identified with Mooch. #pleatherheather) But as much as I have been too drained for anything labor-intensive, I am a horrid sickling — I can’t stand feeling like my body can’t keep up with my mind or agenda. As grim as I feel, I am still fidgety like a caffeinated chihuahua. So I thought…

I could do mindless crafts from the comfort of my down comforter!

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Happy International Kick @$$ Women’s Day!

181087_527096684008604_473844683_nHappy International Women’s Day! I, for one, LOVE being a woman almost as much as I love being celebrated! ::winkwink:: Darling Hotbuns is so good at doing that everyday with messages like this: “This is your reminder that I am madly and deeply in love with you, Angelika Frangelico! [He actually didn’t use my blog alias, by the way.] You are the love of my life and the light of my world. Also, in case you are wondering, even when your body is 70+ years old, I’ll still be chasing after it. Well, maybe hobbling after it.” I get these kind of love notes daily, and every new one makes my heart skip a beat like a pebble on a pond. #pitterpat

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