It’s Maven Mall Monday! Featured Item: Lunch Boxes Field Guide

LunchboxBook001It’s the start of a spanking new week, which means that it’s time for Maven Mall Monday! This week we’re featuring a fun, resourceful, peewee book: Lunch Boxes Field Guide (for Vintage Lunch Box Collectors).

Are you a vintage lunchbox collector? This is a wonderful field guide for values & identification! It is small enough to fit in your pocketbook or back pocket. It’s just the right size to carry along to flea markets and garage sales. It contains hundreds of color photos so that on-the-spot appraisals are super easy! In the book, you will find 500 color images of metal lunch boxes & thermos, nostalgic lunch boxes from the early 1950s through to the 1980s, up-to-date pricing for all sorts of lunch boxes, & anecdotal information about characters & shows. It’s perfect for the lunchbox enthusiast!

I think it’s a no wonder why *I* am partial to featuring & selling a commodious, bantam book like this. I’ve already mentioned more than once that I am a lunchbox collector. I collect everything from vintage old school pails to newfangled replicas of yesteryear metal lunch boxes. I am not exclusive to just metal lunch boxes, however, but I rather prefer them. (What I also DO prefer is “lunchbox” over “lunch box”, but because all of my collector guides like to mix it up, I shall do the same and surrender to from-pillar-to-post peer pressure.)




None of these lunch boxes (below) are listed on The Ravin’ Maven Mall, but I thought I’d seize the opportunity for sharing  just *some* of my personal ones. These photos were taken a long time ago before I moved and displayed my collection up above the countertops in our kitchen — and also before I got my newish Samsung Galaxy S ll  and didn’t have a quality camera phone — but they are in my virtual photo albums, so I’ll bring them to bear. This IS a chiefly vintage/retro blog, so, seeing as a cellphone is considered vintage about 8 weeks after purchase, consider them behooving! #seewhatididthere?



Keep calm & COLLECT on!

~ Angelika Frangelico *Gros bisous*
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