Whatever Punxsutawney Says, Don’t Dress Drab Because the Weather Is!

urlToday is Groundhog Day. Today is the day we find out how many more days of winter we have left to weather. This has been such a mild winter for us in our neck of the woods, so it’s hard to fathom that Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow, but I am a firm believer in Murphy’s Law. #stickingtongueout

I am SO ready for winter to end. I am every year. There’s not much I like about winter. In fact, I abominate it! I happen to love the look & lines of winter attire, though. I am absolutely sweet on scarfs, gloves, boots & wintry hats, but I am DONE with actual winter by January 1st. As soon as the end-of-the- year festivities are over, *I* am over (the edge, the cabin fever, the chapped lips, the sunless days, and trying not to store up for the winter and hibernate in my goose down comforter cave)! I begin to feel suffocated by my clothes. Layered, thickset frippery can actually make me feel claustrophobic! In any event, there is one article of the winter drapery that I never tire or grow weary of, and that is the winter coat. Heavens to Betsy, I love me a chirpy, coltish coat! I love my bloody coats to bloody death! I wear them so much that I almost always have to get a new coat every year. You’d THINK I lived in Alaska the way I manage to exhaust them, but being a native Floridian, I always say that I have reptilian blood — I am not cut out for the cold, even a city where it only snows about 3 days out of the year. #lightweight(nottobemistakenwithmyouterwear)

Last year I bought a handsome & lovesome houndstooth coat that I ADORED. Mini Maven & I had matching ones, which only made it more winning. ::cherish:: I am an overwrought & excitable sucker for anything houndstooth! If I see it in a thrift store or consignment shop, I can’t pass it up. If I do, either my wallet or my heart is depleted. You could also check for a high fever to make sure my brain isn’t boiling.

I found this photo on the Internet and it could be me! I have this whole winter set photographed, only circa 2011-13, including a pair of houndstooth rain boots that I love wearing if it’s raining out or not — I wear them with anything from jeans to slacks to skirts to dresses. ::grin::

I really DO need a charming parasol...

However, I really DO need a charming parasol…

Yet, that beloved coat is truly frowsy now. I hate to part ways with it for how good it’s been to me and how much I loved putting it on — I felt like ME in it! But alas, all good things have an expiration date, so I will be saying farewell to it after we find out what Punxsutawney Phil has to say for himself. And even though I don’t want to bid it adieu, I have a new coat that I am positively smitten with! Darling Hotbuns surprised me with it this year, as soon as the temperature dropped by just a degree! # luckylady

And this is it!

And this is it!

On our way to see Fiona Apple at the DPAC

On our way to see Fiona Apple at the DPAC

It’s called Not a Cloud in Sight, which I find so appropriate considering my reptilian self erodes without sunshine. I am the antithesis of a vampire. (I praise to the garlic Gods, too, much to my families dismay.) I am just giddy about this coat! It reminds me of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. (Just one more reason for me to waltz around talking in a British accent, like I need any at all.) He ordered it from Mod Cloth, which is one of my favorite shopping sites out there! Nevertheless, I never buy anything from it because it tends to be too pricey for my spending plan. But thank goodness HE did because I have had SO MUCH FUN in this coat this season (and it’s no longer available)! It really took the gloom & doom out of drear & icebox winds out like there was not a cloud in sight. It makes me happy as a lark! It says, in a British accent, “I was made for Angelika Frangelico!”

This isn't our favorite picture in the world, but it's just about the only one I can find in our archives where you can see the whole coat. We were on our way to our friend's, Noah & Kelly, engagement party. You can ignore my cup. I don't go anywhere without my iced tea, so you'll see it in every photo unless you learn to ignore it. :P

This isn’t our favorite picture in the world, but it’s just about the only one I can find in our archives where you can see the whole coat. We were on our way to our friend’s, Noah & Kelly’s, engagement party. (You can ignore my tumbler. I don’t go anywhere without my iced tea, so you’ll see it in every photo unless you learn to mentally photoshop it out. 😛 I’m too lazy for all that.)

*** My apologies for the photos being so crummy. They were only taken with my camera phone, but they’re better than nothing! ***

No matter what the verdict on this Groundhog Day, rock the winter raiment for however much time we have left! I’m rootin’ for springy dresses and peek-toe mules, but if I have to live in this charming coat a little longer, I can’t complain! Could you?! Check out Mod Cloth for more out-of-sight outerwear because they’ve got it goin’ on! There are many a-sparkletacular pieces out there to suit each and every one of you unique & spiffy Ravin’ Mavens. We don’t have to be drab just because the weather is!

Keep calm & STYLE on, darlings!

~ Angelika Frangelico *Gros bisous*
l-11*** <– Speaking of coats… I loved this burgundy suede coat with fuzzy pink fur, too! Especially with those vintage 1930’s earrings! ::swoon::
P.S. – A very special & gargantuan JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE to my mum TODAY! My very, very favorite groundhog in the cosmos. I wub you galore! XO

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