Don’t Just Count Sheep… Be Sleek in Slumberland!

Night, night, sleep tight, don't let the dowdy bugs bite!

Night, night, sleep tight, don’t let the dowdy bugs bite!

As I am sitting here hanging out in my favorite garden gnome jams, I am thinking about how as much as I love to play dress up, I am alllll about the comfort zone! (And don’t I know it this week! It’s Mini Maven’s Spring Break and we are lappin’ it up like a bowl full of warm milk!) As I have stated over and over and over again…… I am a collector of many things. One of the things I collect is pajamas. And not just *any* pajamas, but ones that I think suit my personality. ::grin:: I am a ginormous fan of Nick & Nora Pajamas. You can find these just about anywhere; including superstores like Target — or Tar-jay, as so many of us like to say when we fancy sounding fance-say. Of all the topnotch PJs out there, Nick & Nora make the most cozy, comfy, snuggled-down jammies on the market. I kid you not! (And I kid you more often times than not, so…)

I LOVE pajamas. If it were up to me, they would be suitable outerwear and daily attire. I mean, c’mon, folks…! Life is short! Don’t you all enjoy being free to flow and having free-flow? Oh, you knooow you do! I have a good friend, of whom I call DEElicious, who is cringing right now, and chewing her nails down to bloody stumps, because she abhors when people go out in public in their jams, but I can’t deny that I am guilty as charged. Book me, Dano!

Though Nick & Nora pajamas are my utmost favs, I also adore Frankie & Johnny jams, as well as the wondrous invention & concept of PajamaGram. If you don’t know what I am talking about (click on the name), go check ’em out! Who doesn’t like receiving an excuse to go loosey-goosey and curl up under the covers with a pint of Ben & Jerry‘s Chubby Hubby while watching Downton Abbey? Name someone and I will tell you, straight-up, they are no sleepover sista of mine!

But it’s not just pajamas that I go gaga over, it is also fuzzy robes & fuzzy slippers! It takes a special breed of man to love me, because I am still sportin’ my adult version of Underoos — and with no apology! I’m all about the playful-cozy, and no amount of years tacked onto my brittle bones are going to take it out of my spirit. Though I like to get gussied up — prim & in my Sunday best — I will one day create my comfy commune in cotton zzz zzz zzz colony. I plan to inform & revolutionize! I’ll organize the march if you paint the picket signs. #sticktongueout (This was about 98% the lure to the all-women’s liberal art college, by the way. I could roll out of bed and go straight to orientation. #primo (DEElicious just fainted.))

All jest left to the jester… Down below I have posted some photos of my best loved jams, robes, and fuzzy character slippers. Not that I don’t greatly enjoy my sexy nighties & hubba hubba, eyes-pop-out-of-head-like-Pepé-Le-Pew ensembles, but you have to know me to know that my jammies really make a whole lot of sense. ::smile:: I have pajamas of the most peculiar sort: cupcakes, Couture shoes, Cheshire Cat, Olive Oyl from Popeye, and even lobsters in Santa hats (yes, you read that right — I am a native Floridian, after all). Funny thing is: Even in coffee cup & egg pajamas, Darling Hotbuns chases me around the house like he’s bringing home the bacon. ::snort:: I guess it’s just all how you prepare it!?! ::winkwink::

Okay, yeah, I’ll stop before this gets uncomfortable.

Nick & Nora Sugar Skull Pajamas

“Sugar Skull Pajamas” Nick & Nora pajamas and sleep shirt

LOVE AND MARRIAGE Nick & Nora pajamas. These lavender pajamas have wedding cakes,bouquets and even a brides and grooms! They retail at $60.

“Love and Marriage” Nick & Nora pajamas

"Poplin It's a Hoot" Nick & Nora pajamas

“It’s a Hoot” Nick & Nora pajamas

Book Lovers pajamas by Frankie & Johnny

“Book Lovers” Frankie & Johnny pajamas

Nick & Nora Sock Monkey pajamas

“Sock Monkey” Nick & Nora pajamas

Hello Kitty Plush Robe

“Hello Kitty” Plush Robe ~ Sanrio

Wonder Woman Silk Robe

“Wonder Woman” Silk Robe

Cat and the Hat Fuzzy Slippers

“Cat and the Hat” Fuzzy Slippers

Marvin the Martian Fuzzy Slippers

“Marvin the Martian” Fuzzy Slippers

Betty Boop Boop Be Doo Fuzzy Slippers!

“Betty Boop Boop Be Doo” Fuzzy Slippers!

All of my pajamas & accessories can be found online via the retailer websites, Amazon, and eBay for those that are from previous collections. And I staunchly suggest thinking of PajamaGram for your future special-occasion-gift-delivery needs. They even come in a happy little round hat box with a bow — just dandy!

Keep calm & DREAM on, Mavens!

~ Angelika Frangelico *Gros bisous*
l-2<—- Zzz… ::snore::













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