It’s A-Ok to be a Retro Chic Geek

Dress by Three Seasons, ordered through

Dress by Three Seasons, ordered through

When I wrote the polka dot dress post Ravin’ in the City (With MY Mr. Big Stuff), I spoke about how Darling Hotbuns & I went on 3 road trip vacations this past summer. The last one was to Indianapolis, Indiana where we attended Gen Con, a 4 day convention for tabletop gamers. That’s right, my DH is not only smart, sexy, silly, smoldering, sensuous & successful, but he is also an utter GEEK. I am telling you what, I hit the lottery when I met this man who was designed by some sort of dynamite deity who tailor-made him JUST for me! But anyway, Gen Con is one of the most mondo annual gaming conventions in the country. It’s a big deal — well over 40,000 attendees come through the convention center in Indy every year! It appeals to all kinds of gamers — board gamers, card-style gamers, live action role-playing gamers, strategy gamers, miniature wargames, and muuuch more. There are all kinds of tournaments & game sessions being held everywhere, all of the time, as well as shopping & sightseeing in the exhibit hall, not to mention entertainment & seminars, and LOTS of Cosplay. There’s something there for everyone! Even the non-gamer like me. I don’t game, but I geek. Very well.

I ran around chasing Skeletor ALL day trying to get THIS picture with him!

I ran around chasing Skeletor ALL day trying to get THIS picture with him!

However, this was my very first time attending Gen Con. I did NOT participate in Cosplay this time around. You’re thunderstruck, I know — EVERYONE was — but, Gen Con 2013, LOOK OUT! There are 203 days until then, but I’m already planning out my outfits: Yuki Nagato LolitaVampire Knight Cross Academy (Night Class Girl Uniform), K-On! Mio Akiyama & Shakugan No ShanaMainly this is because I will wear these outfits again, as street clothes, so they are not a superfluous purchase. (Originally I was planning, Leeloo from the 5th Element, Jen Blood, Pris from Bladerunner (Bon Anniversaire to Batty today, by the way!), & Wonder Woman! <– All former Halloween costumes of mine, but not only would that be a one-time expense (because I don’t have them anymore), but I don’t think I can get my bum in THAT good of shape by summer. I want to be invited back for 2014! DH assures me that I can pull them all off, but I am no spring chicken! Even if I refuse to grow up & adore my Peter Pan complex, I still must admit that I am not MANdonna and don’t have bulletproof buns you can chop a 2×4 board on anymore.

Oh, and we can’t forget Darth…! I don’t typically laugh and snigger around evil overlords, but this one was in good spirits that day.


253978_10150980064622750_40799946_nEven without being in Cosplay, and being in my usual street wear, people were still coming up and asking to photograph me thinking I *was* in dress-up! I can thank DH AND Light in the Box for that. ::lookdelighted:: Just a month or two before Gen Con, Darling Hotbuns hacked my Pinterest account — and yes, I mean hacked. I made a point to make it private and not give him any clues as to how to find it. He has a tendency to spoil me with random, “just because” surprises. I LOVE this, of course, but he also doesn’t think the cost of most things are outlandish, as I do. I only pin “inspirations”, not things I think appropriate to buy. For me, I use it to inspire myself to find more affordable versions of things that I find eye-catching & fetching…… things to replicate/remake. Well, as I mentioned, he’s a geek, and he’s also a computer genius & guru (not that it takes someone from the Pentagon to break into Pinterest, but…). I should’ve known there’s no way to get anything past him, especially if he’s on a mission, then the man will stop at nothing! So, he ordered me 4 dresses I had been pinning & pining over. ::swoon:: All 4 of them came from Light in a Box, which — in keeping with the Asian cosplay theme I am going for this upcoming summer — is an Asian-based company (only China, not Japan). Most of their pieces are made by Three Seasons. Their attire is not made like American clothing. The fabrics are heavier & a tighter knit. Everything comes lined, and sizing is probably truer to authentic size than American sizing (which fancies making a true size medium a pretend size small to flatter buyers). My XS dresses are a perfectly snug fit, so they fit juuust right. However, I like to EAT, so after a typical Angelika Frangelico meal, the buttons start to push to maximum capacity, threatening the seams like a water balloon. Next time I will go one size up so I can continue to supersize my #3 combo with a jumbo un-sweet tea.  If you have any doubts, here’s the sampler we ordered the first night we got into the JW Marriott (which is connected to the convention center):


And also, here is an example of REAL Cosplay that I took of this FABU, lovely Ravin’ Maven at Gen Con 2012, for point of reference:

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from playing dress-up while I WAS there! This is a sparkletacularly goofball photo that DH took of me while I was trying on hats in the exhibit hall. I turned around to blow him a kiss, and he caught me on camera, the little sneak!

And completely unrelated to being a Retro Chic Geek, check out these wicked cool Skeksi-esche rings we tried on in the exhibitor hall, too! #awesomesauce — We’re Skeksi & we know it!


Keep calm & CON on, D&D darlings!

~ Angelika Frangelico *Gros bisous*

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