Joyeux Anniversaire, Beau! Je t’aime!

A painting I sold at one of my art shows. The proceeds went to Yéle Haiti Relief. :)

A painting I sold at one of my art shows. The proceeds went to Yéle Haiti Relief. 🙂

Tonight we’re hosting a birthday bash at our digs for Darling Hotbuns! I’ve ordered 2 ice cream cakes from Coldstone Creamery — a devils food cake & a chocolate peanut butter cake (DH loves peanut butter flavored sweets!), 6 gourmet flatbread pizzas from Bella Monica restaurant (2 margaritas, 2 mushroom & herb, & 2 spinach & tomato), & all his gifts are wrapped (I’ve asked all the partygoers to bring playful, comical gag gifts)! Darling Hotbuns ran out to run an “errand” earlier, so while he was away from the digs, Mini Maven & I decorated the WHOLE house with purple, blue, & black 40th birthday decorations — there are even signs on the lawn so the whole ‘hood knows. ::knavish::

But when HE arrived to his party surprises, he had a SPANKIN’ NEW computer for Mini Maven in tow!

Um, he won. ::snicker::

So, because it’s only 5 hours until party kickoff, and now we’re all starry-eyed & gazing at the new shiny machine, this is all you’re getting for a blog post today. I beg pardon! And for anyone who is left aghast at how I’ve FINALLY unlocked my heart, it’s these incredible acts of thoughtfulness & wonderfulness that make it impossible not to love such a noble & chivalrous man. It’s one thing for my daughter to love you, but it is EVERYthing to love my daughter. Bestow my heart…

Finally got the combo right. :)

Finally got the combo right. 🙂

Keep calm & RAVE on!

~ Angelika Frangelico *Gros bisous*
5047_100609902749_4024016_n*** The painting posted above was done in foam house painting brushes, Q-Tips, & toothpicks because I had no brushes right then. #imustbebonkers

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